Dear Piperton Resident:

The City of Piperton is conducting a Special Census to update its population count reported from the 2020 Federal Census.  In 2020, the Federal Census certified Piperton’s population at 2,263.  It is estimated that the city’s population has grown considerably since the 2020 Federal Census and a Special Census will help us officially document this population increase.

Why is a Special Census important to the residents of Piperton?  The State of Tennessee allocates funding to cities on a per capita basis, that is, the number of persons residing within a municipality’s boundaries.  Any increase in population that we can verify will increase the per capita funding distribution that Piperton receives to help pay for a variety of city services, including fire and police and public works.   Additionally, an increase in Piperton’s share of state funds relieves the burden on tax dollars generated locally.

We need your assistance to obtain an accurate up-to-date population count to verify the anticipated population increase since the 2020 Federal Census.  The State of Tennessee requires the city to supply the addresses of all households and the names of all persons residing within each household.  We are asking that you provide this requested household information in one of three ways:

  1. Fill out the census form that you received via the United States Postal Service and return it in the enclosed postage-paid envelope.
  2. Complete and submit electronic form. CLICK HERE.
  3. Call the City at (901) 853-4830 Ext. 1 and provide the information directly to city staff.
Image stating "Click here to complete Special Census Form"

It is urgent that you provide this information by Friday, February 2, 2024 The city is required to field check all addresses that do not complete a census form. Please help us avoid this time constraint and expense by providing the requested information by the deadline.

If you have any questions about the Special Census, please call (901) 853-4830 Ext. 1.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


Henry Coats, Mayor