Blue Oval City

Piperton, Tennessee proudly welcomes all Blue Oval City Employees, Partners, and Vendors!  

Bring your business to Piperton, Tennessee! We are perfectly located right off the Interstate for easy access to the Blue Oval City in Stanton, Tennessee and all your supply chain needs from Memphis, Tennessee, The Logistics Hub of America.  

Piperton Welcomes Blue Oval City image

Click here to see the short commute to Stanton, TN and notice Piperton, Tennessee’s convenient location.

Whether you are bringing your goods to Stanton, TN by way of Roads, Rail, Air, or Water, Piperton is a “Quadramodal” location:

  • Roads - 2 major highways intersect in Piperton, TN, allowing direct access to major North/South corridors (I-385, I-55, I-269) and major East/West corridors (Highway 72, I-40)
  • Rail - Norfolk Southern completed a major intermodal rail facility on the eastern boarder of Piperton, TN in 2012.
  • Air – Piperton, TN is less than a 30-minute drive from one of the largest air freight terminals in the world, Memphis International Airport, and a Major FedEx hub.
  • Water – Piperton, TN is within a 40-minute drive of the Port of Memphis on the Mississippi River with access to Barge traffic.