County Government

As an agent of the state, the Fayette County government serves the entire county in these ways: (1) through elected officials, it administers and enforces state laws, collects taxes, assesses property, records public documents, conducts elections, issues licenses; (2) through appointed boards and officials, it provides parks, libraries, sewers, emergency management, public assistance, and hospitals. As required by state law, county government also serves unincorporated areas by providing such purely local government facilities and services as highways, police protection, building inspection, planning and zoning. Elected county officials oversee most of these services.

Regular Meetings
  • 7:00 p.m
  • The 4th Tuesday of every month
  • Kelley Criminal Justice Complex                                                                                                                                                         705 Justice Drive, Somerville, TN 38068                                                                                                                          
County Mayor
  • Rhea “Skip” Taylor
Commission Members
District 1: Somerville
  • Willie German, Jr.
  • Charles Dacus
District 2: Laconia
  • Ray Seals
  • Tommy Perkins
District 3: Gallaway/Braden
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Rice
  • Bill Walker
  • Jim Norton
District 4: Oakland
  • David Webb
  • Kevin Powers
  • Tim Goodroe
District 5: Piperton/Rossville
  • Sylvester Logan
  • Claude Oglesby, Jr.
  • Ben Farley
District 6: Moscow/Williston
  • David Lillard, Sr.
  • Steve Reeves
District 7: Moscow/Lagrange
  • Larry Watkins
  • Jimmy Jordan
District 8: Hickory With/Eads
  • Robert Sills
  • Terry Leggett
Additional Information
To obtain more information, please visit the Fayette County Website.