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A "Quadramodal" Location
  • Roads - 2 major highways intersect in Piperton, allowing direct access to major North/South corridors (I-385, I-55, I-269) and major East/West corridors (Highway 72, I-40)
  • Rail - Norfolk Southern recently completed a major intermodal rail facility on the eastern boarder of Piperton. The facility was started in 2012.
  • Air - Piperton is less than a 30 minute drive from 1of the largest air freight terminals in the world, Memphis International Airport, and a Major FedEx hub.
  • Water - Piperton is within a 40 minute drive of the Port of Memphis on the Mississippi River with access to Barge traffic.
Type City Size Photo Details
Commercial Strip at I-385 and Highway 57
Land  Piperton  About 7 Acres  Commercial Strip
Highway 57385 Strip (PDF)
Business Park Entrance
Land Piperton  About 22 Acres  Business Park

Highway 72 at Milton Drive
Land  Piperton 6.3 Acres (mol)   Cox Property Hwy 72 (PDF)
Highway 72 at Milton Drive
Land  Piperton 16.68 Acres (mol)   Cox Property Hwy 72 (PDF)
Commercial Tract at Highway 57 and Ballard Road
Land  Piperton About 25.69 Acres   Ballard Property (PDF)

Type City Size Photo Details
Industrial Park - Wittichen Lot 4
Land Piperton About 6.98 Acres
Industrial Park - Wittichen Lot 2
Land Piperton About 7.49 Acres Wittichen Lot 2

Industrial Park - Wittichen Lot 3
Land Piperton About 6.0 Acres Wittichen Lot 3

Industrial Park - Wittichen Lot 1
Land Piperton About 4.58 Acres Wittichen Lot 1

Business Park Lot 12
Land Piperton About 3.05 Acres Business Park Lot 12

Business Park Lot 11
Land Piperton About 3.13 Acres Business Park Lot 11

Bodine Site
Land Piperton About 92 Acres Bodine Site
Bodine Listing Profile (PDF)