1. Building and Codes

    Piperton has a department dedicated to making sure all city codes are followed and that resident questions and concerns are addressed.

  2. City Administration

    The City of Piperton's Headquarters, located in City Administration Office, houses the city's administration, elected officials and most departments.

  3. Fire Department

    The Piperton Fire Department vows to provide the citizens of this community with the highest quality emergency services, fire protection and general assistance possible.

  4. Municipal Courts

    This court holds the responsibility for enforcing compliance with Piperton's traffic laws and municipal bylaws.

  5. Police Department

    The officers of the Piperton Police Department work to ensure Piperton remains one of the safest cities in the Southeast.

  6. Property Tax

    Responsible for collection of Piperton property taxes.

  7. Public Works

    Responsible for maintaining city streets, facilities, storm drains, water and sewer, garbage collection, and traffic controls to insure the safety of the citizens of Piperton.

  8. Utility Billing

    Responsible for setting up and maintaining customer utility accounts